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Milos a unique island



Unique in the world, Milos is a Cycladic island created by volcanic fermentations, ash, lava and rare rocks which made the sea really special.  It is a huge open air geological museum.   Its shores present an impressive morphology and diversity. The volcanic eroded rocks penetrate in the emerald colored sea creating small and big caves.  Crystal blue waters, volcanic rocks, picturesque small houses, ancient monuments, traditional villages, local cuisine will compensate you more than you expect.

Milos is known for its overwhelming lacey beaches - more than 75 large and small - with crystal clear blue waters, multicolored rocks and golden sand, which will offer you a life experience.

In the modern world the island is known for its famous statue of Aphrodite that was found in Milos and now it is exhibited in the Louvre museum's collection in Paris.

 Due to the old volcanic activity and the various natural materials - which can be found  in the Mineral museum of Milos in Adamas -  one is able to see bubbling springs in certain places, that can function as hot therapeutical sources.

A day boat trip to Kleftiko, in the southern part of the island, where you will swim in exotic emerald colored waters,  is a ''must''. 

It is worth to visit Sarakiniko, the mostly photographed Aegean landscape, with its unique ''moon scape''  image.

One can see in Klima  small picturesque ''wire houses''( syrmata in Greek ), very typical accommodation, next to the water, that originally served for the protection of the fishermen during the winter.

Katacombs are  the old Christian tombs, which are worth to visit, as well as the Archaeological museum of Milos.

Plaka and Pollonia with their Cycladic architecture can offer you romantic rides and walks along the Aegean Sea view.

Lastly, Pollonia is a small fishing village in the northeastern part of Milos, facing Kimolos island. it is named after the temple of Apollo which was at Pelekouda light house. The village is located 11km from Adamas - the main port of the island - and 12km from Plaka, the capital of Milos.

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